Last Updated On February 17th, 2019

Thanks for wanting to learn more about us, we are a team of cryptocurrency experts with years of experience looking to build the ultimate crypto resource. With every piece of content we write we aim to be more informed, in-depth and useful than any existing piece out there. Our goal is that you will never have to look any further to find up to date content in this space.

So if you’re looking to find the best cryptocurrency exchange, the latest ICO to invest in or you simply want to find out what the hell NEM is then you’ve come to the right place. On top of that our experts will help guide you through this blockchain space, if you’re a beginner and feeling lost then check out our very comprehensive but easy to understand guide to what is blockchain for a start.

You’re in good hands with our leader, Ben who first bought bitcoin in 2013 when it was as little as $50. He then got deeper into cryptocurrency in 2017 by investing into Ethereum before it’s sudden rise to prominence. Along with the rest of the team he hopes to share any top new cryptocurrency projects that have the potential to grow just as those mentioned have.

Ben also has experience in building large content websites and taking them from nothing to getting thousands of visitors per day and becoming established names on the internet. is his latest baby and combines the passion of crypto and building valuable content websites.

Stay tuned as we grow because there will be a lot more to come but we have already have published some of the best content around. Check out our full reviews and guides to Binance and Coinbase if you didn’t see them yet.

Have fun in cryptoland and we hope to see you on the moon.

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