, based in the UK, British Virgin Islands was launched January 2014. The Site focuses on providing users a way to trade in cryptocurrency by using Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Team is backed by investment, Security Engineers, Web Developers, Bitcoin Wallet Engineers, Network Operations Engineers and more.

Security is never emphasized too much for any Bitcoin trading platform. There are senior web security engineers in our team fully responsible for the security of the whole website. AllCoin has also spent a great amount of money on enhancing relevant hardware.


Offline Cold Storage

Cold & Hot wallet separation We adopt cold storage techniques, such that most of the virtual coins are stored in a very secure offline storage, while a small number of coins are put in the hot wallet for quicker withdrawal. We are planning to make the cold storage address public to ensure the transparency of the platform when our website gains more popularity.

DDos protection & CDN cache

DDoS protection and CDN acceleration Th incorporate Anti Distributed Denial-of-Service(DDoS) attack services from world leading DDoS protection provider to ensure the reliability of the website. The site uses global CND acceleration to ensure fast speed of access from around the world.

Secure HTTPS website

The HTTPS access is encrypted with 128 bits SSL, making our security level comparable to that of banking systems. None of your operation will be intercepted, ever.

Google Two-Factor Authentication

The website enables Google 2-Step Verification to ensure the security of your account.

Website Security

Our talented web security developer is fully engaged in protecting the security of the whole website from DB code injection, XSS, CSRF leaks. And the password ,2FA are encrypted along with a static & random string.

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