Last Updated On January 22nd, 2018

Bitcoin Bourse Bitcoin Exchange

I have not yet had the opportunity to review this site. If you have used it please, help others and  leave your review. Below is some information from their site. This page will be update once one I get the chance trade on the platform and properly review.  I did create an account and take a screenshot for ya,

bitcoin bourse exchange review

Bitcoin Bourse trading system works like a secure escrow service, where Bitcoin Bourse holds and freezes bitcoins until successful transaction is finished between seller and buyer. Each user gets temporary bitcoin address to fund his account with bitcoins. User can sell his coins to any user, who accepts his ASK rate, or to any user whom BID rate seller accepts.
Transaction could be done by following ways:
1. When buyer accepts the ASK rate, he sends money from his SEPA bank account to the seller. When seller confirms the receipt of money, buyer receives bitcoins from our trading system to his account. Or when seller accepts the BID rate of buyer, buyer sends his money to the bank account of the seller.
2. Buyer and seller can do the transaction in person. This means that buyer or seller can search for a person from his area. If they find one and accept the rate, trading system will freeze bitcoins, buyer and seller meet in person and exchange money for bitcoins. After confirmation of transaction bitcoins are sent to the buyer account.
Bitcoin Bourse trading system has not any trading fees for buying and selling of bitcoins.


What I can tell you is that they have a profitable affiliate program.

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