Coin Chimp Review – Buy & Sell Bitcoin ATM Card

CoinChimp allows for easy buying and selling of bitcoins, anonymously through the use of an atm card.

How does it work?

Coin Chimp mails you a atm card that you can use to withdraw the bitcoins in your Coin Chimp account. The card works anywhere a normal atm debit card would. They charge a reasonable 1.5% when you convert and withdraw bitcoin to cash at an atm. Coin Chimp currently has a $160 USD limit on withdraws.

As no personal information is required to get the card it will most likely not work for most online transactions as they require AVS/name verification. The card has no name or address associated with it as it’s only meant to be used at ATM machines and Point of Sale transactions.

They also offer virtual Visas for online use. Another cool added service is BitArmored which stores your bitcoins off-line “cold-storage” for added safety.

If you use Coin Chimp please leave your review here or go browse other bitcoin atm card service providers.