I have contacted support and will update if my withdraw(s) process. As of now looks like a big ugly SCAM!


The company, CryptoInfinity is legally registered in the United Kingdom and able to do business internationally. The website offers a very easy way to invest in Bitcoin Cloud Mining without the hassles of hardware or contracts.

Simply make a deposit and watch your investment earn .17% interest every hour (4% per day). The site allows you to withdraw your principal investment after 24 hours. These are the highest returns I have ever heard of. The site is currently paying out, verified by my own and a friends account. Let’s just hope it stays up 😉 I will update this if they ever stop making payments.

There is also an affiliate program that pays out 5% so please be sure to use my link to visit the site as I don’t get paid to write these reviews 😉

Here is some more info from their site www.cryptoinfinity.net :

Technology of collective crypto mining is becoming popular worldwide. Now for earning you don’t necessarily need to be a technical expert, to understand the intricacies of mining process, and of course you don’t have to be the owner of bitcoin mining hardware or a powerful graphics card. We will do all the work for you! Moreover you don’t have to buy or rent our hashing power. We distribute income from bitcoin mining every hour, 24 times a day! Invest with us and your profits will grow in front of your eyes every 60 minutes, your account balance will grow and you will be able to withdraw profits instantly to your cryptocurrency wallet. This is achieved through a broad network of our mining farms that operate 24/7 and only bring profit. The only problem is to cover the ongoing costs associated with electricity and renting warehouses, where we have our ASIC hardware. This is easily solved by funds which we attract to provide asset management services.

Cryptoinfinity Limited is always glad to see new customers. Together we will build a sustainable business that will bring us a profit for years to come. Modern and popular business is at your service. Our efficient work provide with strong financial results which we would like to share with you.