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*Update, Cryptsy has been HACKED!

Bitcoin and Alternative Coin Exchange

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I personally trade on and use Cryptsy as my main, online “Alt Coin” or Alternative Coin, wallet  meaning any digital currency or crypto currency other than Bitcoin, as it’s currently the market leader. You can fund your account by transferring and depositing any crypto currency that’s on the Cryptsy platform.

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Cryptsy focuses on the exchange of Crypto-Currency commonly known as “BitCoin” and it’s derivatives. They currently service 107 different types of crypto-currency as of 12/19 and add them as the coins are born.

The overall user interface or appearance of the website is nice and user friendly.

cryptsy exchange review

They also offer a couple enticing features that allow you to earn even more such as Cryptsy Points. Cryptsy has committed 5% of their trade revenue to go towards the Cryptsy Points reward program

What Are Cryptsy Points?

Cryptsy Points are rewards points for basically doing what you normally do! At the end of each day Cryptsy reviews your activity from trades and referred users and award you points for that activity.

What Can I Do With Cryptsy Points?

The Points can be traded under the “Points/BTC” trading pair. You can also transfer Cryptsy Points to other users like any other coin. You can also use your Cryptsy Points to enter weekly drawings for some pretty awesome prizes. They also keep a standing “buy order” on the exchange if you would simply like to cash them out.

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