Last Updated On January 22nd, 2018 Review – Free Bitcoin Faucet / Multiplier

This is a great site for anyone looking to get their hands on their first Bitcoin. It offers a free Bitcoin faucet every hour and a multiplier that, with skill and patience allows you to multiply your Bitcoin. If you start with only the coin you get free from the faucet there is really no risk at all.

*Update 3/30/17 


I found this awesome script that allows you to automate the multiplier to slowly increase your stash. I suggest that you use it conservatively until you see how it works and are comfortable before increasing the starting multiplier number.

I guarantee this works and clicking my link to signup would encourage me to keep adding to this site and improving it, for you 😉

Automation Instructions: 

  1. Signup here:
  2. Open up the site in Google Chrome
  3. Right Click somewhere on the page and click on “Inspect”
  4. Click “Console” and copy all of the code here, and paste it into the console
  5. Hit the enter button on your keyboard
  6. There is now a new tab in the main header navigation “Start Bot” Click it
  7. Become familiar with how it works at the default setting before increasing
  8. Enjoy, it’s as easy as that
  9. Every now and then it will timeout and you will have to reset
  10. Leave your comments if you have any questions
  11. Come back to this site for more and share with your friends!

Here’s another method with video proof. Let me know what you think and how much you make!

And here’s another video that uses another strategy ( that uses a different script. In the video I start from faucet and increase the bankroll over 4x before it busts. Let me know if you have any questions.