Last Updated On July 22nd, 2018

mxcNOW – Crypto Coin Exchange Review

mxcNOW is written in C++ making it one of the the fastest and most secure digital currency exchange sites in the world. mxcNOW offers very attractive and unique features such as the ability to earn interest on all deposits as well as mxcFEEs, that pay a percentage of all fees the exchange generates. Each mxcFEE earns .001% of all transaction fees and are paid out every six hours. Join the investment class and sign up for free! 

I was trading on this site daily until the admin took it down, late November for a re-vamp. The site is back online (1/27/14) and has added an additional way for you to earn crypto coins, mxcBUX that you can earn by referring your friends. mxcNOW offers  so many great features and benefits you should just go ahead and check it out for yourself here, mxcNOW Crypto Coin Exchange. 

mcxnow crypto exchange review

mxcNOW crypto exchange has so many features and benefits I’m just going to copy and paste them here for your convenience.

mcxNOW Features

  • Fee shares –
    With each mcxNOW feeshare (MCX) you own, earn 0.001% of ALL mcxNOW fees! Paid every 6 hours.
  • Interest on deposits –
    25% of all mcxNOW exchange fees go towards paying interest on deposits every 6 hours!
    Interest calculated as: (YOUR_BALANCE / TOTAL_USER_BALANCE) * 25% of fees. This applies to every currency on the exchange.
  • Fixed-point integer math trading engine –
    Unlike other exchanges which use unwieldy floating-point math, mcxNOW uses integers through the entire trade pipeline to ensure you aren’t losing out and get precise results.
  • Atomic trades –
    All trades happen the instant the exchange gets your command and the trade is carried out until completion. No other trade is processed until yours is finished, unlike other exchanges.
  • Multiple servers provide 3-tier network security –
    Wallets are kept on one server, the exchange engine is on another server, and internet gateways are on another server: 3-Tier network security. The exchange can only be accessed on a private intranet by the internet gateways. The wallet server can ONLY be accessed by the exchange engine.
  • VERY fast –
    The entire exchange is coded in C++, with the entire site cached in RAM. No PHP, PERL, JAVA or PYTHON. 100% custom C++ code. The downside is it may not look as pretty. 🙂
  • No SQL, Oracle, Access databases to be hacked or leaked –
    A custom database encrypted with AES256bits on disk, automatically backed up multiple times per day. There is no way to access the database through the internet.
  • No off-site administrator access –
    Every user on the exchange is exactly the same and has no power over any other user. This means there is no “admin” account to hack to gain access and steal funds from other users. All administration has to happen on-site through a custom-coded, password-protected graphical interface.
  • Built-in 51% protection for relevant altcoins –
    If a 51% attack is detected in any of the Bitcoin-based chains then that exchange will automatically shut down to protect against any abuse. This isn’t going to guarantee that you will not lose out if a chain is 51% attacked but it gives some protection against losses.
  • No web tracking –
    No Google Analytics or other tracking software. MTGOX, BTC-e and Vircurex all track users with Google Analytics. We don’t let Google or any other company log your trades or visits to this site.

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