Last Updated On January 22nd, 2018

One Hasher – Bitcoin Cloud Mining Review

update: this site is now down

Hey guys, thanks for being a loyal visitor of Best Bitcoin Reviews. Here’s a little trick for you to earn daily on auto-pilot that requires absolutely no investment.

1. Sign Up At This LINK.
2. You get 10 Mhz/s of mining power free, just for signing up!
3. Now we are going to make more accounts to abuse this 😉
4. Copy your ref link from the referral section.
5. Download and open Tor Browser.
6. Go to your ref link in Tor, create account with random info, then Get a New Identity in Tor
7. Repeat this so you have 30-50 accounts to make 0.02 BTC per day (or another currency of your choice)

Also, you get 10% of whatever your accounts make including mining power. So whenever your accounts cash in earnings for mining power, you get 10% of that. This has already been posted on another site but oh well, the more the merrier 😉

Sign Up now!

Come back and let us know how much you make and what you think!