Last Updated On January 22nd, 2018


 Purse. Save up to 50% buying anything with Bitcoin

Purse is one of my favorite Bitcoin related sites as it allows me to spend my bitcoin at Amazon and now other sites as well. I love how the site works, you can name your own discount, the more of a discount you set each order to the longer you must wait to receive. Perfect when your buying stuff you don’t need immediately. I have saved a ton and you can too, it’s very easy.

Update 8/12/16 – I’m still using this site saving average of 35% every purchase. They are running a promo right now:

Sign up using my referral link and get .01 BTC free after spending $50.

Works internationally too!


Step 1. Add to Wish List

Click “Add to Wish List.”
If you’re new to wish lists, select “Create Wish List” (make sure the list is public)

10 - The Music Man

Step 2. Configure wish list

Select “List Actions” then “Update list profile”

12 - Music Man

Step 3. Add address to wish list

Fill out ‘ship to’ section with your address.
Make sure that “Third party shipping” is checked.
Make sure the “Don’t spoil the surprise” box is unchecked

15 - Edit your Wish List

Step 4. Paste Wish List URL

Navigate on Amazon to your wish list and copy the URL.
Paste the URL into the search bar on Purse.

17 - Shop PurseIO

Step 5. Name Your Discount

Select a discount by sliding the bar.
Fund the order.

18 - Wishlist PurseIO

Pro Tips

  1. Once you have a wish list set up, reuse it for future purchases!
  2. Check off items that are delivered for multi-item orders. Escrow is not released until all items are checked off.
  3. Message the Earner for updates or Contact Support if you need help.
  4. Set a higher discount for items you don’t need right away.
  5. Set a discount below 10% for items you need urgently.
  6. Add items to your wish list from Amazon’s mobile app.