Last Updated On January 22nd, 2018

*This site is now down. Links from this page have been removed. 


I just started mining bitcoins on this site today. It has a very nice, clean layout with features  and bonuses I haven’t seen elsewhere. My favorite feature is that it allows you to create your own pool and get a % of the people in your pool that you refer.  My hash rates have been steady and high so far, everything looks like it’s working 🙂

best bitcoin mining pool review

If your a noob here’s a step by step, button by button guide to get you up and running within the hour.

1) Click here to register and sign up on TripleMining

2) Download BFG Miner

3) Make sure that the drives for your asics or video cards are properly installed.

4) Run BFGMiner

5) Type\            and hit enter

6) Type      your username i.e.    hashmasters_johnnybitcoin        etc.     and hit enter

7) Type     your password    and hit enter

8) hit the letter “m”   then the “+” sign    and type the word  “all”   press enter

9) Watch it hash away! Refresh your browser to see your earnings and don’t forget to refer your friends to your pool to earn even more bitcoins!

Checkout these awesome features that give TM an edge:


Triplemining is a Bitcoin Mining Pool with unique features:

  • Weekly Jackpot: Every miner automatically participates in our weekly jackpot. Once a week a lucky miner gets it all!
  • Grow your own pool: create teams and earn rewards for every member of your pool!
  • No hidden costs: No fee’s, all bitcoins from found blocks are redistributed to our miners.
  • Stats: Personal stats of your mining efforts.
  • PPLNS,N=24h: fair payout system of rewards between members, cheat-resistant
  • Trustworthy service: operational since June 28, 2011, all support requests resolved in a timely fashion.
  • In house development: always evolving, always getting better.
  • We were the first: the unique features of our mining pools have been copied by many others… we must be doing something good 🙂
  • Services & security: email notification and temporary payout lock on address change
  • Features: All the goodies you expect from a serious pool: Long-polling support, automated payouts, password recovery, JSON API, SSL secured website, full decimal payouts, stratum, vardiff